Mercedes-Benz Scheduled Maintenance- Greensboro

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz Parts

Mercedes-Benz Parts

Mercedes-Benz Service

Mercedes-Benz Service

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance & Repair in Greensboro, Highpoint, & Winston-Salem

It's extremely important for the long-term health of your Mercedes-Benz, and the safety of you and your passengers, that you have your Mercedes-Benz serviced according to its regular maintenance intervals. Contact us for specific maintenance requirements and recommendation.

At a Independent Mercedes-Benz of Greensboro you will get the most up-to-date expertise on the components that keep you safe on the road, like the braking and electrical systems, fluid levels, right down to the condition of your tires — which are your connections to the road.

A - Service Schedule (minor)

    Engine Compartment
        Change engine oil and renew filter element.
        Fully synthetic engine oil
        Check and correct fluid level:
        - Engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection.
        - Brake system.
        - Windshield washer.
        Lubricate catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood.

        Brake Discs / Pads: Check overall thickness condition & surfaces with a measuring gauge *
        Parking Brake: Check lever travel, adjust according to directive if necessary *
        Alloy wheels: Grease centre hub *

        Check tires and wheels: external condition on both sides,
        depth of thread condition, tire pressures (including spare wheel), correct sizes.

        Check steering: steering box, steering linkage, joint disc, threaded connections,
        freedom from leaks, tension of power steering V-belt.

    Seat belt
        Check seat belts: condition & correct operation.


C - Service Schedule (major)

   Service Includes:
        All of the "A" Service and "B" Service.
        Replace Fuel Filters (gasoline and diesel).
        Service the Transmission.
        Replace the Power Steering Fluid and Filter.
        Reminder Card for Next Service Needed.

Other Services Offered

    Engine Repair
    Air Conditioning
    Electrical Diagnostic and Repair
    Complete Exhaust Repair
    Emissions Failures Repair
    Brakes & Shocks/Struts
    Suspension Front/Rear
    Coolant System Flush (every 2-3 years)
    Pre-Purchase Evaluation/Health Check
    Health Check With Scanner Test

Schedule A Service Appointment or Request Parts

Schedule A Service Appointment or Request Parts

B - Service Schedule (major)

   Vehicle Passenger Compartment
        Read & Print All Diagnostic Codes (Engine and Transmission).
        Reset Flexible Service System (FSS) counter in instrument cluster.
        Replace dust filter.
        Horn, headlamp flasher, hazard flasher, turn signals.
        Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting.
        Exterior lighting incl. headlamps.
        Windshield wipers, windshield washer system.
        Headlamp cleaning system.
        Check seat belts for damage and proper function.
        If so equipped: Battery, wet cell; Check acid level, replenish.
        Check battery condition using "Midtronics MCR 717" Tester.

    Brake Test
        Brake test on dynamometer or test drive. Check parking brake and run in according
        to specifications (on vehicles with 4MATIC, ASR, ETS, ESP observe instructions
        in Maintenance Manual!).

    Wheels, Brakes
        Remove and reinstall wheels, rotate if necessary, does not apply for vehicles with
        different tire sizes front/rear.
        Check brake pads for lining thickness front/rear.
        Check condition of brake discs front and rear.
        Check tires for damage and condition.
        Measure and record tread depth. Correct tire inflation pressure.

    Vehicle Underbody
        Visual check for: Leakage - Major components.
        Chafe marks, line routing, components.
        Check condition of front axle ball joints.
        Check condition of steering s mechanical components.

   Engine Compartment
        Engine oil and filter change.
        Fully synthetic engine oil
        Visually check: Leakage - Major components.
        Chafe marks, line routing, components.
        Check and correct fluid level:
        - Engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection.
        - Level control (wagon only) Brake system.
        - Power steering.
        - A/C refrigerant level.
        - Windshield washer system.
        Check condition of poly-V-belt.
        Lubricate throttle linkage, check function and condition.
        Lubricate catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood.

    Front, Rear of Vehicle
        Replace windshield wiper rubber inserts.
        Inspect headlamp range adjustment of headlamps (NOT for xenon headlamps).
        Inspect headlamp setting, adjust to correct setting.
        Inspect condition of wiper blade for rear window.
        Inspect fluid level of rear window washer, correct.

        Correct tire inflation pressure in spare tire.